Bagged Soil

Some of Veratec’s most popular premium bulk soils are also available in 30L bags. ProSOIL Planter, ProSOIL Turf, and urbanGRO are favoured by homeowners for use in their yards, gardens, and outdoor planters. The bagged soil makes it easy and accessible – no trucks or wheelbarrows required! And these sustainable soils are all made locally in British Columbia with simple, safe ingredients.


ProSOIL Planter

A premium planter blend designed for homeowner use. Suited to planters, trees, shrubs, flowers, and gardens.

Made with free-draining river sand, aged mushroom compost and black bark fines.


Optimized for veggie and herb gardens, supporting balanced, healthy growth. Used for gardens, organic growing, and potting soil.

A mix of sphagnum peat, pumice, boost amender, composted mulch, and kelp.

ProSOIL Turf

Our premium turf blend is suited to homeowner use, and is ideal for all grass, whether it is a new lawn, seed, sod, or top dressing.

Two simple ingredients. Free-draining river sand well blended with aged mushroom compost.