Landscape Soils

Veratec Landscape Division offers a wide range of growing media engineered to provide you with a solid soil foundation for your project. From organic garden soil to premium turf blends, Veratec can work with you to meet your soil specifications and even custom blend to ensure the best match.

The number one choice for landscape professionals, ProSOIL is our nutrient rich, recycled organic compost soil. The perfect foundation for thriving plants and turf, ProSOIL is manufactured with our unique, small-batch blending process to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency. Made with free-draining river sand, aged mushroom compost, and black bark fines. ProSOIL is the only compost-based soil free from plastic particles that can sometimes end up in compost from recycling programs.

ProSOIL is the environmentally sustainable choice for lush lawns and vibrant ornamental flowers. It's low maintenance, free-draining, and requires less fertilizer and herbicides. Ideal for retail garden centres and residential and commercial planters, trees, shrubs, turf, and lawn spaces. ProSOIL is available throughout Western Canada at landscape centres and nurseries.

Core Benefits
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Double-screened to minimize woody debris
  • Lightweight, free-draining, and easy to work with
  • Effective, proven product

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Veratec’s THRIVE Blends are unparalleled in terms of quality, consistency, workability, and sustainability. The compost material comes from the world-class Surrey Biofuel facility.

State-of-the-art systems control temperature, pressure, and humidity in the enclosed composting tunnels, resulting in ideal conditions for microorganisms to complete the composting process.

This results in high-quality closed loop, dry compost. It is tested regularly to meet federal (CCME) and provincial (OMMR) standards. We blend it with clean, free-draining river sand to produce top quality planter growing medium.

Core Benefits
  • Sustainable organic re-use
  • Workability factor is extremely high
  • Cost-effective for commercial projects
  • Promotes healthy root growth and fortifies soil fertility
  • Ideal for acidic BC soils

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Created from premium aged bark, Class-A biosolids, and clean, free-draining river sand, terraPLANTER and terraTURF are our leading commercial grade soils for planting. Developed with the Pacific Northwest climate in mind, it has unique, slightly acidic pH levels, making it an excellent choice for many types of native plant species.

Cost-effective, safe, and environmentally sustainable, our commercial grade soil is available in terraPLANTER and terraTURF blends. It’s ideal for standard landscaping applications, such as lawns and planters. It’s also effective for gravel pit and mine reclamation, and in riparian planting areas and non-irrigated areas due to its natural water-holding capacity.

Core Benefits
  • Unique slightly acidic pH levels - excellent choice for many native plant species
  • Natural water holding capacity - ideal for non-irrigated areas
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Low maintenance with minimal fertilization required in first 3 years
  • Cost effective, safe, and proven product

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SureBASE is our unique structural soil designed to meet stringent engineering and horticultural standards. Angular quarry rock is manufactured specifically for our requirements and formulated to support intense loading while providing a high volume of void space for air exchange, water movement, and healthy root growth. Our batch-blending process and organic stabilizer ensure consistency and keep the soil component evenly distributed throughout the mix during loading, shipping, and placement.

SureBASE is cost-effective and easy to install. It's a dependable, time-proven solution for preventing damage to sidewalks and boulevards, while allowing valuable urban trees to flourish and increase canopy cover. SureBASE is your guarantee for long-term project success.

Core Benefits
  • Increased macropores for air and water exchange
  • Provides space for root growth
  • Prevents damage and heaving of pavers
  • Optimum compaction for construction purposes
  • Cost effective, easy to install

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UrbanGRO is our premium-quality urban farming soil formulated with composted amender, sphagnum peat moss and free draining river sand. Developed to meet the demand for a balanced nutrient rich soil for use in food production, urbanGRO promotes balanced and healthy growth in vegetable and herb gardens.

Core Benefits
  • Safe for use in food production
  • Optimized blend for veggie and herb gardens for balanced, healthy growth
  • Outstanding, unmatched quality
  • A local, sustainable soil

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Significantly improve the quality of existing soils with BOOST, our nutrient-rich, 100% sustainable, organic compost soil amender. Made from local, recycled organics, BOOST is ideal for use in food production and it's safe around children and pets.

BOOST is a great choice for organic producers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It adds an attractive topdressing to flower and planter beds, and makes an excellent mulch topping. BOOST is also an ingredient in our award-winning UrbanGRO Soil.

The Boost blend may use a small percentage of green waste which features minor impurities that are well below Provincial standards.

Core Benefits
  • Organic
  • Safe for urban farming applications
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Safe for use in food production
  • High levels of available nutrients
  • Significantly improves existing soils
  • 100% sustainable

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BioBOOST is our dynamic, environmentally sustainable compost-based amender made with high-grade, Class-A biosolids and aged forest fines. This 3/16" screened compost is very effective in low concentrations due to its highly available nutrient content.

Jet black in color, bioBOOST is an excellent topdressing for sport fields, golf courses, and residential lawns and gardens. It's a proven effective additive to sand and native soild, and we blend it with USGA spec sand to create our premium quality, sand-based ROOTzone.

Core Benefits
  • Finely screened 3/16" product ideal for topdressing
  • Highly effective in low concentrations
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Jet black color

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Engineered to meet the stringent requirements of the widely-respected German FLL standards, tierraLITE can be customized for selected plant materials and microclimates. It's lightweight and provides an optimum balance of stability, porosity, longevity, moisture retention, building protection, and drainage, making it ideal for modern green roof applications.

In addition to green roofs, tierraLITE also works well for living walls and other weight-sensitive structures, and it's safe to use in urban farming. Available bulk or bagged, tierraLITE comes in extensive, intensive, and semi-intensive blends., with custom blends available upon request.
No matter how challenging the requirements, we have the experience, formulations and ability to produce the highest quality lightweight growing media in the Pacific Northwest.

Core Benefits
  • Highly consistent blends
  • Provides ideal physical, chemical, and biological properties needed for plant growth
  • Requires very little long-term maintenance
  • Provides good drainage and nutrient holding capacity
  • Maintains composition and stability over time
  • Available bulk and bagged

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ECOmedia by Veratec is a custom designed reactive filter media engineered to treat polluted storm water and low flow industrial waste water. Using a blend of tailored components, in defined proportions, to meet specific performance requirements such as contaminant removal, lifespan, hydraulic conductivity, compaction and plant growth.
ECOmedia is a versatile media that has been built to meet project specifications in vegetated applications such as wetlands, swales, rain gardens, sand filters landscape gardens, leach drains, sports fields, golf courses, retaining walls, fill surrounding permeable pipes, building site runoff, roof gardens planter boxes and water harvesting.

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Aggregates & Mulches

In addition to our quality soil and growing media products, Veratec also offers a variety of Aggregate and Mulch products. For more information, please contact us.

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