Sports Fields

Sport Field Division of Veratec is driven to provide the ultimate in both natural and synthetic turf options to maximize play time, durability as well as athlete performance and safety.

FibreLok by Veratec is a high performance rootzone system designed to enhance the durability and health of your natural turf sports field. It has proven to significantly increase playing days of natural grass fields even under the most intense usage and wet weather conditions.
The system of fibre reinforced natural turf was used with great success on 9 soccer fields at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. In terms of traction, the fields rated in the 'perfect' category as defined in FIFA standards by the amount of slips per game and the drainage rates handled in torrential downpours. For your next sport field, could you accept anything less?

System Components
  • Base drainage layer to ensure water moves away efficiently from the playing surface
  • USGA spec sand blended with our premium Boost compost amender for quick and vigorous growth grow-in period and long term turf grass health
  • Synthetic fibres blended into the top 4" forming a reinforced woven root bed which drastically increases the strength and porosity while improving playability under wet conditions

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Rootzone by Veratec is a custom blend of our organic Boost compost soil amender and USGA spec sand to create a nutrient rich turf foundation promoting a rapid and vigorous grow in period for natural turf grass fields. The sand based RootZone possesses high water permeability characteristics which allows for swift surface and internal drainage, which is ideal for our wet West Coast climate. RootZone also features a low compaction tendency to assure internal drainage qualities are not limited over time. This unique blend is specifically designed to enhance the durability, health and overall performance of your natural turf field

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With heavy play and practice schedules, sports fields easily become compacted, resulting in worn or bare turf areas. By adding porosity to the soil with AXIS®, sand-based and native soil fields can be amended to allow turf to recover more quickly, and respond faster to regular maintenance. Additionally, improved soil allows fertilizers and pesticides to be more effective, sometimes at lower rates, to produce a better playing surface. AXIS® promotes deeper roots, and greater numbers of fine root hairs. A stronger root system helps turf and plants resist disease, drought, and other stress factors. Adding permanent, non-compacting pore space with AXIS® is the key to better turf performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

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