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The City of Vancouver sought to create a vibrant street update through the inclusion of new walking space and urban tree boulevards; their challenge was finding the right structural soil to support the weight load of the sidewalk and pavers while allowing the trees access to the air, nutrients and water they required.
Project Details – Granville Street Re-Design

City of Vancouver
Landscape Architect
PWL Partnership
Vancouver, B.C.
Veratec Products & Services Required
SureBase Structural Soil



  • Street redesign incorporates to add natural appeal and a sense of vibrancy on the historic streetscape.
  • 2,200 cubic metres of SureBase structural soil used under the sidewalk to provide support and stability while allowing appropriate space for the tree root base to grow and thrive in the urban environment.
  • SureBase by Veratec is a proven and predictable product what consistently meets standards for compaction and prevents future damage while protecting your tree investment in the urban environment.


Project Description

The redesign and redevelopment of Granville Street in downtown Vancouver was conduscted to restore the vibrant scenery and create an attractive area for walking and to foster enjoyment of the public space as a place for residents to gather, mingle and connect.

The incorporation of trees is a valuable asset to the vision for the redesign and was made possible through the use of SureBase structural soil by Veratec. The material is designed to support the sidewalk and pavers above, while providing the trees room to grow their roots with access to the air, water and nutrients they require to flourish.

SureBase by Veratec is a proven product that has been used successfully in many similar projects throughout the Lower Mainland. It meets standards for compaction and prevents damage caused by heaving of surface pavement as trees grow and expand their root system. Our expertise in blending and in the use of natural binding agents provides you the assurance of a solid product that won’t let you down.