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The Vancouver School Board was in need of replacing an existing field at Laura Secord Elementary. They required a natural grass field that could withstand the high traffic and wet weather conditions.
Project Details – Laura Secord Elementary School Playfield

Vancouver School Board
Landscape Architect
Jonathan Losee Ltd.
Civil Engineering Consultant
RF Binnie & Associates Ltd.
Veratec Products & Services Required
Fibrelok HPRS



  • Playfield redevelopment for this elementary school was designed to provide a durable natural grass field surrounded by other play structures and amenities
  • Fibrelok High Performance Rootzone, a custom engineered product based on USGA and ASTM standards, was used to provide a field with excellent drainage characteristics
  • The fibre-reinforced construction has been proven to increase strength and porosity of the rootzone, resulting in increased compaction resistance and healthier grass with quicker recovery time.


Project Description

The Vancouver School Board decided to upgrade the playfield and surrounding yard at École Laura Secord Elementary School and was looking for a durable natural grass playfield. The school has a large population relative to its land base and the field receives a high level of use.

Yardworks presented the Fibrelok High Performance Rootzone System as a solution. The system is designed to have excellent drainage characteristics while providing a stable footing for players and promoting healthy turfgrass growth. It is based on standards from ASTM and the USGA.

Parameters were agreed upon by with the landscape architect and owner that would ensure the desired properties were met. Yardworks had test batches blended and complete particle size analysis and physical properties testing done at a fully accredited laboratory.

The product was blended to specification and delivered to site to meet the contractor`s schedule. Yardworks performed on-site infiltration testing and also followed up with specific recommendations for fertilization and maintenance.

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