AXIS Soil Amender for Sports Fields and High Traffic Lawns

With heavy play and practice schedules, sports fields easily become compacted, resulting in worn or bare turf areas. By adding porosity to the soil with AXIS®, sand-based and native soil fields can be amended to allow turf to recover more quickly, and respond faster to regular maintenance. Additionally, improved soil allows fertilizers and pesticides to be more effective, sometimes at lower rates, to produce a better playing surface.

AXIS® promotes deeper roots, and greater numbers of fine root hairs. A stronger root system helps turf and plants resist disease, drought, and other stress factors. Adding permanent, non-compacting pore space with AXIS® is the key to better turf performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

Core Benefits

Use only one – won’t break down over time.
Mixes easily with all soil.
Pest-free, chemical-free, all-natural additive.
Absorbs up to 142% of its weight in water & releases it as the soil needs it


Granular diatomaceous earth product

Usage and Applications

Suited to residential and commercial applications
Indoor and outdoor plants
Flower and planter beds
Potted plants and hanging baskets of all types
Herb gardens
Perennails and annuals
Trees and shrubs
Golf courses

Installation Tips and Recommendations

Work Axis into soil by rototilling, or by turning it with a shovel or small spade.
Add 1 part of Axis to every 9 parts soil. One bag will amend approximately 100 square feet of flower beds.
Not intended for straight planting-mix with existing soil for best results