On-Slab Blend Planter Soil for Landscapes Over Structures

The ideal choice for accessible container planters and landscape on-slab applications, our On-Slab Planter bend is nutrient-rich, has low fines content, and contains a blend of organic material that provides excellent drainage and moisture retention capabilities.

Compared to traditional green roof soil blends, our On-Slab blend uses sand as the primary mineral fraction vs. pumice which results in a more economical product while still offering a high-performance growth media to ensure healthy plant and root growth, and structural stability for longevity.

Our On-Slab Planter growing media is specially designed for accessible landscapes over slab application including applications including rooftop gardens and raised planters supporting heavier feeding plants such as trees, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Core Benefits

Lightweight growing media specially designed for green roof garden applications
Balance of water retention and permeability
Provides ideal physical, chemical, and biological properties needed for plant growth
Offers excellent structure for root anchorage
High drainage properties

Usage and Applications

Engineered growth with optimized performance characteristics for rooftop gardens, container gardens, raised planters and flower beds

Installation Tips and Recommendations

Install per project specifications from the roof designer