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A revolutionary high-performance organic binder for water permeable, environmentally-friendly, decomposed granite and other aggregate surfaces.

Organic-Lock™ is the strongest organic binder on the market today. Designed for stabilizing aggregate surfaces, its functionality allows you to create natural, aesthetically pleasing, permeable surfaces that hold up to extreme conditions.


Core Benefits

Resists erosion

Organic-Lock stabilized surfaces offer significantly improved resistance to erosion over unstabilized surfaces. When activated by water, Organic-Lock forms an adhesive gel that bonds aggregate particles together while still allowing water to permeate through to the ground below. Organic-Lock is particularly effective on sloped surfaces where pathways and other surfaces are most prone to washouts and rutting due to fast-moving water.

Reduces dust

Organic-Lock swells into a gel when it comes in contact with water. When it dries, this gel grips onto the particles of stone and dust and locks them in place which helps prevent dust from blowing away in the wind or being kicked up by traffic.

Simple maintenance

Maintenance is easy. The material can be re-worked by adding water first (which reactivates the Organic-Lock gel allowing for physical manipulation), followed by scarification and re-compaction.


Our environmentally friendly Organic-Lock binder is the strongest organic binder on the market today. Organic-Lockis made from 100% naturally occurring materials.

Water permeable

On contact with water, Organic-Lock creates a gel that binds the aggregate particles together and allows excess water to pass directly through to the groundwater table.

Natural aesthetic

The large aggregate particles will chip off on the surface to create a loose, natural-looking, surface texture. Organic-Lock offers that sought-after calming, natural aesthetic of aggregate surfaces, while still maintaining the stability associated with non-aggregate surfaces.

Wheelchair accessible

When installed to specifications, Organic-Lock blended aggregates qualify them as wheelchair accessible and Organic-Lock meets the maneuverability performance requirements of ASTM F 1951-09b.


Unlike alternative products that use a chemical reaction to stabilize surfaces and are prone to cracking, Organic-Lock blended aggregate surfaces remain completely flexible and able to withstand thermal movement or settlement of the sub-base materials. In conditions where cracking does occur, rainwater reactivates the Organic-Lock allowing the surface to self-heal and naturally fill any cracks making it a very low maintenance pathway stabilizer option.

Installation Tips and Recommendations

Please see the Organic-Lock installation page.