SureBASE Structural Soil

SureBASE is our unique structural soil designed to meet stringent engineering and horticultural standards. Angular quarry rock is manufactured specifically for our requirements and formulated to support intense loading while providing a high volume of void space for air exchange, water movement, and healthy root growth. Our batch-blending process and organic stabilizer ensure consistency and keep the soil component evenly distributed throughout the mix during loading, shipping, and placement.

SureBASE is cost-effective and easy to install. It’s a dependable, time-proven solution for preventing damage to sidewalks and boulevards, while allowing valuable urban trees to flourish and increase canopy cover. SureBASE is your guarantee for long-term project success.

Core Benefits

Increased macropores for air and water exchange
Provides space for root growth
Prevents damage and heaving of pavers
Optimum compaction for construction purposes
Cost effective, easy to install


3″blasted quarry rock (angular in shape)
Organic Stabilizer
High Quality Growing Media
Customizable per project

Usage and Applications

Sustainable Urban tree planting
Safe for use under concrete and asphalt sidewalks and roadways
Safe for use under permeable and non-permeable pavers

Installation Tips and Recommendations

Install per engineered specifications