How We Recycle

There are many reasons we should all reduce our impact on our environment and natural resources. Here’s a few details on how we recycle.

Veratec’s compost-based soil products offer you a way to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle the precious natural resources we are blessed with here in British Columbia. Our products are created from recycled materials that would otherwise be landfilled.

The Benefits to Recycling Include:

Reduced Landfills
Annually YARDWORKS diverts millions of pounds, or, 100’s of thousands of metric tons of recyclable waste from our landfills for use in our sustainable products.

Reduced Greenhouse Gases
Composting organic waste decreases the amount of methane gas generated and released from landfills, thus dramatically and significantly lowering our region’s carbon footprint for everyone.

Reduced Pathogens
Dangerous organisms, harmful insects, and weed seeds are all minimized by composting due to the relatively high temperature at which our products are created which kills harmful bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella among many others.

Reduced Water Consumption
Using compost based soil reduces water consumption because our soils absorb water easily, and are then engineered to drain well while retaining moisture for plant and microbiobial growth. It is estimated that 50% of the water used for irrigation during our summer months is wasted due run-off, evaporation, or overwatering. YARDWORKS PRO-SOIL products are created reduce the need for watering, and conserving water benefits our environment.

Fertile Healthy Gardens & Crops
Utilizing and maintaining a healthy soil and garden can be as simple as starting with a quality composted soil such as our recycled PRO-SOIL, and then amending it periodically with nutrient rich organic mulch. The blend of both living and dead organic matter in these compost products supports the complex web of soil life, keeping your garden and crops fertile, vigorous, and healthy.

Reduced Fertilizing & Herbicide Use
Because of the natural slow release of rich natural micro-nutrients in our PRO-SOIL, and the greatly minimized weed sources, our organic sustainable products dramatically reduce the need for harsh, costly non-environmentally friendly chemical fertilizers and herbicides, which benefits us all in both the short and long-term.