THRIVE Soil Amender

Veratec’s Thrive amender blend is unparalleled in terms of quality, consistency, workability, and sustainability. The material comes from a world-class compost facility which produces top grade compost products.

State-of-the-art systems control temperature, pressure, and humidity in the enclosed composting tunnels, resulting in ideal conditions for microorganisms to complete the composting process.

This results in high-quality closed loop, dry compost. It is tested regularly to meet federal (CCME) and provincial (OMMR) standards

Core Benefits

Sustainable organic re-use
Workability factor is extremely high
Cost-effective for commercial projects
Promotes healthy root growth and fortifies soil fertility
Adds essential nutrients to soil


Bark fines

May contain small bits of non-toxic impurities
(i.e. plastic bits from curbside greenwaste)

Usage and Applications

Ideal for use as a soil amendment
Enhance low quality soil with increased organic matter and aeration
Suited to commercial projects

Installation Tips and Recommendations

Blend THRIVE amender blend into existing soil