terraTURF commercial grade soil for turf

Created from clean, free-draining river sand, aged bark and/or sawdust, and Class-A biosolids, terraTURF is our leading commercial grade soil for turf. Developed with the Pacific Northwest climate in mind, it has unique, slightly acidic pH levels, making it an excellent choice for many types of native plant species.

Cost-effective, safe, and environmentally sustainable, terraTURF is ideal for standard landscaping applications for lawns. It’s also effective for gravel pit and mine reclamation where grasses are required, and in non-irrigated areas due to its natural water-holding capacity.

Core Benefits

Unique slightly acidic pH levels – excellent choice for many native plant species
Natural water holding capacity – ideal for non-irrigated areas
Environmentally sustainable
Low maintenance with minimal fertilization required in first 3 yrs
Cost effective, safe, and proven product


Aged bark and/or sawdust
River sand
Class A Biosolids

Usage and Applications

Lawn Areas

Installation Tips and Recommendations

For lawns, installat 300 mm (12″) depth