Stabilizer Binder for Aggregate Pathways, Driveways and Parking Areas

Stabilizer binder can give you a durable, natural pathway that is beautiful and sustainable. This organic binder works with the fine particles in crushed aggregate to create a stable, solid material that is a natural alternative to asphalt or concrete.

Derived from rapidly renewable organic materials, Stabilizer helps create a stable, permeable surface that meets ADA standards for accessibility and is more durable than crusher dust alone. The binder absorbs water to create a cohesive gel that binds fine particles, keeping stability between particles during periods of excessive moisture. This results in a more solid, accessible and durable surface for pedestrians and vehicles.

Sustainability/LEED® Potential Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) by The US Green Building Council is a third party verification of Green building practices. Natural pathways, specifically Stabilizer and crushed stone can help earn LEED points towards certification.

Reduced Heat Island Effect/Solar Reflectance
Rapidly Renewable Resources
Stormwater Management
Use of Regional Materials
Recycled Content


Core Benefits

Integration – Blends into pore space of soil aggregate
Absorption – Absorbs 12 X its weight in water
Cohesion – Forms a cohesive gel that binds soil particles, keeping stability between soil particles during periods of excessive moisture
Balance – Maintains damp soil consistency longer when wet, and slowly releases moisture back into the soil in dry conditions
Stability – All of this equals a more stable and accessible footing for traffic


Stabilizer is an organic powder that stabilizes soil by binding soil particles. It is a natural, nontoxic, non-staining, odorless, environmentally safe powder derived from crushed seed hulls.

Usage and Applications

Stabilizer can be used with a variety of crushed aggregates: Decomposed Granite, Crushed Stone, Hard Rock, or Limestone, etc. to create natural looking fire lanes, driveways, and parking areas. Stabilizer strengthens aggregates to withstand traffic and weather extremes.

Installation Tips and Recommendations

One-ton of Stabilized aggregate typically covers 65-sqft. at a 3” depth. Coverage will vary depending on the aggregate used. See the installation guidelines for details.