ECOmedia Engineered Biofiltration Media

ECOmedia by Veratec is a custom designed reactive filter media engineered to treat polluted storm water. Using a blend of tailored components, in defined proportions, to meet specific performance requirements such as contaminant removal, lifespan, hydraulic conductivity, compaction and plant growth.

ECOmedia is a versatile media that has been built to meet project specifications in vegetated applications such as wetlands, swales, rain gardens, sand filters landscape gardens, leach drains, sports fields, golf courses, retaining walls, fill surrounding permeable pipes, building site runoff, roof gardens planter boxes and water harvesting.

Core Benefits

Predictable, proven performance
Effective contaminant removal
Customizable per project
Low leaching formula
Protects sensitive habitats
Protects sensitive waterways


Free-daining sand
Activated carbon
Microbial inoculants
Select organic matter
Mineral amendments
Inorganic additives

Usage and Applications

Rain gardens
Vegetated filter strips
Stormwater detention basins

Installation Tips and Recommendations

Install at 450mm (18″) depth
Moderate compaction only