THRIVE Organic Compost for Sustainable Agricultural Applications

Invest in your soil by adding fortifying natural organic humus and nutrients for the slow, steady annual release of essential elements and beneficial organisms for your crops. Encourage more vigorous, healthier plants, enhanced fruit production with less harmful costly chemical fertilizer spikes, and reduced water inputs.

THRIVE Organic Compost is professionally produced in high volume in North America’s most modern and high-tech enclosed-loop, negative pressure composting facility right here in BC.

This high quality, consistent, 1/2″ minus, fully mature compost contains no biosolids. THRIVE Organic Compost is among the best natural organic compost products now available to farmers in the region. Comprised of 80% green waste and 20% food waste, this compost is naturally nutrient-rich.

THRIVE bulk compost is suitable for local agricultural operations, specifically tree-fruits, grapes, cannabis, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and vegetables.

Core Benefits

Sustainable organic re-use
Workability factor is extremely high
Cost-effective for a variety of projects
Promotes healthy root growth and fortifies soil fertility
Adds essential nutrients to soil
Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and watering dependence
Builds soil structure with beneficial micro-nutrients


Compost made from:
Green waste and food waste

Usage and Applications

Ideal for use as a soil amendment
Enhance low-quality soil with increased organic matter and aeration
Suited to horticultural, viticulture, and agricultural applications

Installation Tips and Recommendations

Blend THRIVE Organic Compost into the existing soil

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