MMCD and MOT Growing Media for Provincial and Municipal Standards

Infrastructure projects help cities and municipalities create more efficient, safe and functional spaces in our communities. Increased environmental awareness is an important part of these designs and topsoil is be a key component in supporting these goals. Municipalities are using various standards and specifications for topsoil to ensure they are receiving quality material for these projects.

Engineered to adhere to these standards, Veratec offers a wide range of growing media for low and high traffic lawn, grassed areas, shrubs, trees, ground covers and hydroseed applications. Our blends are tested to meet the stringent requirements related to the Canadian Landscape Standard, Topsoil and Landscape Grading 751-A, Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD), BC Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and other local municipal standards.


Core Benefits

Meets specification 751-A
Meets MMCD section 32 91 21 Topsoil and Finish Grading
Conforms to the British Columbia Landscape Standard
A soil analysis of each growing media material can be provided
Blends can be customized to meet specific project and/or municipal standards

Topsoil benefits for water conservation and rainwater management programs

Absorbency and retention of water
Reduces the need for irrigation
Capturing of rainfall water
Limits the amount of polluted road water run-off going into the ecosystem
Filtering of harmful chemicals

Usage and Applications

Low traffic lawn areas
Ground covers