VEGETABLEblend Soil for Vegetable and Herb Gardens

VEGETABLEblend is high-quality soil. Developed to meet the demand for a balanced, nutrient-rich soil for use in food production, VEGETABLEblend promotes balanced and healthy growth in vegetable and herb gardens.

VEGETABLEblend is the perfect solution for growers looking for a local, sustainable soil for home vegetable gardens and community gardens. It can also be used in traditional planter applications for flowers and shrubs.

Core Benefits

Safe for use in food production
Ideal for urban agriculture High levels of available nutrients
Optimized blend for veggie and herb gardens for balanced, healthy growth Outstanding, unmatched quality
A local, sustainable soil


Aged mushroom compost
Free-draining river sand
Dried dairy manure compost
Sphagnum peat

Usage and Applications

Home vegetable gardens
Community gardens
Traditional planter applications such as flowers and shrubs

Installation Tips and Recommendations

For gardens, install at 450 mm (18″) depth