tierraLITE Green Roof Growing Media

Engineered to meet the stringent requirements of the widely-respected German FLL standards, tierraLITE can be customized for selected plant materials and microclimates. It’s lightweight and provides an optimum balance of stability, porosity, longevity, moisture retention, building protection, and drainage, making it ideal for modern green roof applications.

In addition to green roofs, tierraLITE also works well for living walls and other weight-sensitive structures, and it’s safe to use in urban farming. Available bulk or bagged, tierraLITE comes in extensive, intensive, and semi-intensive blends, with custom blends available upon request.

Core Benefits

Highly consistent blends
Provides ideal physical, chemical, and biological properties needed for plant growth
Requires very little long-term maintenance
Provides good drainage and nutrient holding capacity
Maintains composition & stability over time
Available Bulk and Bagged


High quality Boost (soil amender)
Sphagnumn Peat Moss
Free-draining river sand
Bark fines
Lightweight aggregate

Usage and Applications

Green roofs
Living walls
Weight sensitive structures

Installation Tips and Recommendations

Install per project specifications from the roof designer