THRIVE Organic Compost

THRIVE Organic Compost

Veratec is excited to introduce THRIVE Organic Compost products to the landscaping market.

Through our new partnership with Orgaworld Canada, Veratec has obtained the exclusive rights to sell the compost that is produced by their purpose built facility in Surrey, BC.  THRIVE Organic Compost is a byproduct of the local recycled green waste and food waste that is processed there.

State-of-the-art systems control temperature, pressure, and humidity in the enclosed composting tunnels, resulting in ideal conditions for microorganisms to complete the composting process.  This results in high-quality, closed loop compost that is dry and virtually odour-free.  It is tested regularly to meet federal (CCME) and provincial (OMMR) standards.

THRIVE Organic Compost is an excellent soil amender for both agriculture and urban gardening.  The compost is also formulated into two different growing medias, THRIVE Planter for planter beds, and THRIVE Turf for lawns.

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