Soil being loaded onto a barge, headed for Haida Gwaii

By truck.  By tote.  By Barge?!

A barge is probably the last mode of transportation that comes to mind for shipping soil.  In fact, most people probably wouldn’t think of it as an option at all.  But sometimes, on very rare occasions, our soil does get to travel by this more unusual method.

A customer required 600 cubic yards of soil to be delivered to a project located in Haida Gwaii.  A total of fifteen truck and transfer loads, each with 40 cubic yards of Veratec’s proSOIL, were all delivered to and then dumped onto a barge in Richmond, BC.  Once all the proSOIL was loaded and secured, the barge headed up the coast to make it’s delivery.

Usually Veratec’s soil is shipped bulk, with our standard deliveries being by truck and transfers, carrying up to 40 cubic yards of material each.  Smaller orders are delivered by tandem trucks, which each carry up to 16 cubic yards of soil.

Sometimes our soil is shipped in cubic yard totes on a flat deck truck to meet a customer’s specific project requirements.  This might be because the material has to be craned in, or sometimes it is for site tidiness or short-term storage onsite.

But a scenic sail up along the beautiful west coast of British Columbia is definitely a more unique form of delivery.

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