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The City of  North Vancouver sought to restore the historic Shipyard waterfront through the inclusion of new walking space and urban tree boulevards; their challenge was finding the right structural soil to support the weight load of the sidewalk and pavers while allowing the trees access to the air, nutrients and water they required.
Project Details – North Vancouver Shipyard & Pier Redevelopment

City of North Vancouver
Landscape Architect
Durante Kreuk Ltd.
North Vancouver Waterfront
Veratec Products & Services Required
SureBase Structural Soil



  • This historic precinct was re-developed to allow public meeting spaces and areas for cultural events on the waterfront in North Vancouver, B.C.
  • A total of 3,300 cubic metres of SureBase structural soil was provided to support the tree and plant growth in the urban environment.
  • SureBase by Veratec allows trees room to grow and access necessary nutrients, air and water without heaving, shifting or distorting the pavers and surfaces above.