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The University of British Columbia sought to create the one of the most sustainable buildings through the incorporation of green infrastructure products including green roof media, and an infiltration bioswale for storm water treatment.
Project Details – University of British Columbia, Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability

University of British Columbia
Landscape Architect
PWL Partnership
Veratec Products & Services Required
Custom lightweight Green Roof Media (Tierralite)
Custom Biofiltration Media (EcoMedia)



  • The most innovative high performance building in North America, incorporating green roof technology and an infiltration bioswale for storm water treatment.
  • TierraLite custom engineered lightweight media was utilized for the green roof application to meet requirements for saturated bulk density, infiltration and horticultural properties.
  • EcoMedia, a custom engineered filter media, was used in the bioswale to reduce leachate of nutrients and contaminant removal such as dissolved metals.