We are excited to announce that as of Monday, May 12, Yardworks Supply launched our new name and brand: Veratec Engineered Products Inc.

Why the change?
After much thought and discussion, we realized that we were beginning to outgrow our Yardworks Supply brand which was established in 2003. We have evolved to include a deeper line of environmental remediation, sport field and green infrastructure products in addition to our well known quality engineered soils. We felt that “Yardworks” no longer effectively communicated our full offering of professional products, so it was time for change.

Why Veratec?
Finding our new name was a real challenge! And Veratec comes from the combination of a few words which are meaningful to our business;

“Vert” – From the French term for “Green”

“Erra” – From the Latin term “Terra”, meaning “Earth”

“Tec” – From the English word “Technology”

Veratec = Green Earth Technology

How will this affect you?
Other than becoming familiar with our new name, this will have no effect on the friendly knowledgeable customer service you have come to know, our premium soil products or day-to-day business activities. We will continue our efforts to promote environmental sustainability through innovative solutions for the urban landscape, green infrastructure and sport field markets.

We look forward to this next chapter in our business, and thank you for being a part of it!


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