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The City of Abbotsford was in need of protecting the drinking water for over 100,000 residents by creating an 88 hectare storm water infiltration site to ensure the removal of unwanted contaminants and pollutants in an environmentally sustainable system.
Project Details – Abbotsford Infiltration Gallery

City of Abbotsford
CLearbrook Road and Marshall Road
Landscape Architect
Sharp & Diamond
OpusDayton Knight
Veratec Products & Services Required
Custom Biofiltration Media (EcoMedia)



  • 7,000 Cubic metres of EcoMedia supplied for major storm water retention and infiltration system.
  • Aquifer drinking water protected for 100,000 residents.
  • EcoMedia treats runoff contaminants including heavy metals, excess nutrients, hydrocarbons, road salts, suspended solids and fertilizers.
  • Low-leaching formula means EcoMedia won’t add to the problem, other media may leach nitrate, nitrite and TKN into the effluent for up to 4 years.